Saturday, February 23, 2013

On Friends & Food

It's been since September 2012 that the four of us hung out. Last time I saw Nadine, Rola and Sura all together was during our trip to Marmaris! Luckily, Nadine was on a Business trip in Beirut this week and she stayed a few extra days to see us. So after work, Sura and I drove down to Beirut to catch up with her and Rola. And it just goes to show that when you drop the four of us together, be it in Marmaris or in Beirut, we'll catch up and laugh so hard like it was only yesterday! 

We had a late lunch/ early dinner at Lord of The Wings in Hamra. And if I can throw in a lil tip, try the Super-duper cheese nachos with guacamole, salsa, and sour cream, and the Boneless Wings with BBQ Honey or Garlic Parmesan. As for dessert, Nadine had earlier discovered Nutellissimo, a little dessert store also in Hamra, with scrumptious Nutella recipes! We ordered the Nutella Banoffee followed by Nutella Fondue. We would have ordered more except we were all still stuffed from LOTW less than an hour ago...

Here's the four of us after we had devoured our meals! Last three drawings of us are a courtesy of Rola, and the first drawing of Rola is courtesy of me. And as an inside joke, it's a good thing I can draw! :-P It's always the laughs with us four, and I love you all so much! :-)

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