Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Today was the first day of the second semester of university. Last semester was pretty hectic with two core courses as I'm working full-time, but I'm quite satisfied with how round one played out. Today, I'm starting with round two.  I'm taking another two core courses this semester, Marketing on Wednesdays and Accounting on Fridays. But this blog post is about the former, about Marketing...

When I stepped into class today, I got this feeling, this feeling of possibilities. We were only about seven out of ten students in class on the first day, and as the professor went on asking us about our names and majors, it turned out I was the only Marketing major. She asked me if I was working, and I said yes. In my major? I smiled and said no. I smiled because I'd absolutely forgotten how much I love Marketing! 

MARKETING! And you know what's the first thing she said in class on the subject matter? She said that one should never confuse Marketing for Selling. Because Marketing is NOT Selling! Selling is a PART of Marketing, and Marketing is so much bigger than just "Selling". I wish more people could understand this concept, because I get it shoved down my throat all the time that I myself was beginning to believe that Marketing = Selling! And here she came in, with that one simple sentence, reminding me what I majored in, what I love about Business, and shedding light on everything that had nothing to do with selling… SO THANK YOU, A HEARTFELT THANK YOU!

It was a short introductory class, but I can't tell you how pumped I felt when I walked out. This is a class I'm very much looking forward to! It also brought back my need to blog, to share some of my thoughts and ideas again, and so I'm starting with this... ;-)

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