Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Dolphin Kiss

I've been dreaming, absolutely dreaming of swimming with dolphins ever since I can remember. And when I found out I could get the chance at Atlantis, I couldn't stop dreaming! So I logged on to to reserve tickets! And that’s when the heart stopping price of $500 for 30 minutes shattered that chance…

But I was still determined to get to Dolphin Bay, and so I searched for an alternative. And that’s when I came across “Photo Fun”, a chance to touch, dance, and kiss a dolphin at a much lower cost. I immediately signed up!

We were asked to remove all jewelry and accessories we were wearing as not to harm the dolphin when interacting with it. I've touched a dolphin before, several years ago, but when my hand touched that familiar rubbery skin, I felt my entire heart smile. And then I kissed it, the highlight of my trip:

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