Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Cedars of Lebanon

Last year, while in my second year at BankMed, Jinan and I planned a work trip to the cedars. It really turned out to be a fun filled day in the snow, but the one thing I regret was that we didn't have enough time to visit the Cedar forest (which closes at 3:00PM). So this year, to make up for last time, Jinan and I planned the same trip with the first stop being the forest!

On the drive up, we spotted a cart of cotton candy, which Jinan insisted on getting! Here’s the story in two shots :-P

The scenery on the way up to the Cedars is just wonderful, snow covered everything!

The entrance to the forest (and when I say entrance, I don't just mean the door but the entire way in) was blocked with snow! A local shop owner told us that some people were getting in from an open wire fence a couple of feet down and so we followed the snow prints…

It was a long hike up to the forest, and the walk up took half the energy out of us. But when we reached the top, the view was worth it! We took a rest on a nearby Cedar branch, which was also drowned in snow! We took pictures and had fun and I definitely made it a point to come back here in summer, where I can imagine the view would also be majestic without the snow…

On the drive home, we stopped for a late lunch in Ehden, where I also took the opportunity to shoot the winter scenery…

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