Tuesday, November 1, 2011

So Sick

Hei blog, it’s me. I know, it’s not like me to post at 11:00am on a Tuesday morning (when I should be at work!), especially at the start of the month (when work needs me the most!) but I finally caught the flu, the kind sucks the life out of you! :-(

I think I began feeling a little queasy a couple of days ago. Typical me, I ignored the symptoms and I went out and about this weekend until I got quite sick on Sunday and spent most of the day in bed. But, I had my cousin’s wedding that night which I couldn't miss for the world, so I ended up feeling sick as a dog…

And, to add insult to injury, I actually woke up and went to work on Monday morning in the dire condition I was in!

Of course I’d overworked myself to the limit by then so I was forced to take off early and headed straight to the doctor’s, who told me that I’d got a combination of a bacterial and viral infection in my trachea (thus the seriously sore throat) and prescribed three different medicines for me and told me its best I take two days off...

So, fast forward from 12 hours of nonstop sleep since 9:00pm last night, I got up this morning, with less pain and less cough, had a light breakfast, and peacefully sipped tea for fifteen minutes (as opposed to gulping it down in 5 minutes at 7:00am as I’m rushing to work). It feels odd though, doing all the things in slow motion… but God, how my body needed a rest!

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