Friday, October 21, 2011

Vote For Jeita Grotto

Two days ago, I received this text message: ‘Vote for Jeita. Send the word “Jeita” to 1070. The Ministry of Tourism is offering this SMS free of charge, however a cost of 10 cents will be charged by the organizers of the New Seven Wonders Competition.’

And since then, there’s been a lot of online buzz about it. I got BBM broadcasts, Facebook posts, and I’ve read several blog posts about the matter (some for, and shockingly, some against!). So I thought I’d step in with my two cents: Vote for Jeita!

Because by voting for Jeita, you’re voting for Lebanon! You’re not voting for a person or a political party or anything that has a possibility of disappointing you. No, you’re voting for a piece of your country, for a piece that belongs to you! And voting means giving your approval and your appreciation. And I do, and that’s why I vote for Jeita Grotto! Don’t You?

Only 20 more days remain till 11/11/11, the date of the winning announcement, so come on people, VOTE FOR JEITA as one of the the New7Wonders of Nature!

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