Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life In A Day

Its amazing how one thing leads to another, how everything’s connected. I was just reading Sietske’s inspired post “Blogging” and I was about to write her a comment when I noticed another blogger, Nicolien had left her a comment with a link. I clicked on it and it led me to the trailer of “Life In A Day”:

I too sometimes wonder how at this moment, at this very moment, how many people are doing the same thing we are? How many are going to bed right now? How many are waking up right now? How many are going to work, working, taking time off, or travelling? At this exact moment, how many people are arguing? Fighting? Sharing or spreading happiness? Having dreams come true? How many are preparing food? Eating? Talking on the phone? How many are holding hands? Proposing? Getting married? Having children?

Every day, every single day, all that, and more, happens! All the actions of the world, all the people living in different houses, in different areas in different parts of the world…. over 6 billion souls, and somehow, we’re all connected… (click here to watch the full 1 hour version:-)


  1. It is funny indeed, because there are quite a few things we seem to have in common (photography, blogging, we're both working women, old train stations), and I do it in Beirut, you do it from Tripoli. You obvioulsy are more hi-tech than I am (I'm not on Twitter yet, ad don't have a flickr thing in my blog. I think you are on the new blogger. I am still on the old one). I lurk into your life now and then (I liked the the wedding one, with that last dance. Or was it the first?) and it's almost like I know you, but then again, I don't. Yet it is comforting in a way that other people lead similar lives. I don't know why. Well, I've been reading you on and off for about 2 years now, I think. Maybe longer. And I hope you'll keep on blogging many more years.
    Sietske in Beirut :)

  2. Thanks a lot for your lovely comment Sietske! I've always loved your blog and love discovering through your posts all the wonderful places in Lebanon that I've sometimes never even heard of! And I love your photography, always able to capture the beauty in all the moments! :-) You know, I think you'd like Twitter, give it a try. I started using it when I had little remarks to say that I thought were too short to make a blog post out of. And then you start getting more into it! It’s good to know you, and hope our paths will one day cross! :-)