Thursday, November 3, 2011

Jack's Mannequin

There’s a lot of good music out there, but it’s not always easy to find. And when you do, it’s more often than not, that it’s only one or two good songs off the same artist or band. But to have a good artist or band with several good songs, that is rare. Yet a couple of years ago, I discovered one of those exceptional two-in-one music makers: Jack’s Mannequin, lead by an artist on all levels, Andrew McMahon.

I first heard of the band Jack’s Mannequin through my favorite television series, OTH (which, FYI, is an amazing music source for starter bands, check: OTH-MUSIC. In fact, each episode is titled after a different song in time). Their first single, “The Mixed Tape” was featured on the show, with the actual band performing it live and my ears pricked up at their music and lyrics…

I looked them up online and at the time (in late 2008), I found out they had only two albums: “Everything In Transit” (2005) and “The Glass Passenger” (2008). I downloaded both their albums and kept playing and replaying their songs over a thousand times (proof on ;-)

It wasn’t until a couple of days ago (during my sick leave) when I noticed a friend was listening to a song called “My Racing Thoughts” for… Jack’s Mannequin! And I thought whoa, a song I don’t know! I looked it up and was pleasantly surprised to see that just last month; they had released a third new album, “People and Things”! :-)

I of course downloaded their eleven brilliant new tracks, with my favorite being “Casting Lines”. Just read these opening lyrics:

“You learn to run, you learn to race, through life, it’s unforgiving pace… these lines we’re tracing to the truth… and stepping over endless cracks, I navigate these crooked paths… BUT ALL MY ROADS LEAD BACK TO YOU…” :-)

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  1. Great stuff! Everything in Transit is one of my all time favorite albums!