Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Kindness of Strangers

I’m free! Well, almost. I finally finished the seminar in Beirut that I had registered for two and half months ago, all that’s left is the exam on the 15th. But what I’m celebrating about today is NO MORE DIS-CONNEX-ION BUS!!!:-)

I've had a bunch of adventures on the bus over the past few months, I could almost write a book about my mishaps: like a moving truck screeching the side of the bus, bus door accidently opening into a street pole, breaking the glass and yanking the door off (both events of which happened on the same day!), arguing with one of the drivers who used to insist on taking us to Barbeer before Charles Helou, the weirdo passengers on the bus who tried to Bluetooth me, one man chocked on his cough and almost puked in my lap, the chatterboxes, the Connex-ion love, and of course the ultimate killer: arriving to the station just as the bus is driving away, forcing us to wait for the next bus for another half hour…

But today, as I was walking in to the station, I found a girl about my age crying hysterically on the phone. Our eyes met, and she just made my heart tinge with sadness. What could be so wrong that had her crying her eyes out? I wanted to go up to her and tell her that it was all going to be alright, but I couldn't. For some reason, the situation reminded me of a book I once heard about called “The Kindness of Strangers” it got me thinking about how people sometimes really do care, but just don’t do anything... it's an interesting topic, but one that I'll leave for another post...

Till then, ciao Connex-ion! Even though I hate you, I can't help but love you too :-)

P.S. I won't be checking in to Connex-ion on Foursquare for quite a while, so my Mayorship is up for grabs to whoever would like to accept it! :-P


  1. wow Nour..well said!!couldn't find a better way of describing the Connex-ion experience!!been there and I actually still have to go through the whole thing once a week:)...

  2. Thanks Ghina! finally, someone who understands what we have to go through! hehe

  3. haha nour, for me, in about 9 months i had more then 14 accidents, one of it hurts me a lot! i went to turkey for treatment...
    at the end it was great experience, but honestly i start miss the VANS :P
    here's something happened with me on the road :P

  4. The story of the crying girl made me think about the situation & what would I do if i were in ur shoes. Looking forward to that blog u decided to postpone :) welcome back bannout, so glad ur back to blogging :)