Friday, June 10, 2011

BankMed's Baby Trees

This week for World Environment Day (which took place on June 5th) and as a part of BankMed’s Happy Planet Lebanon initiative, and in partnership with Plant For The Planet, we’ve been giving out these cute baby trees:

They’re actual living plants, about 5cm high and 2cm wide, contained in recyclable plastic capsules that you can carry around. They only need to be placed in water for about two minutes twice a month (they suck in water from their corked bottom). And they remain in this environment roughly for 6 months to 2 years until they become too big to be contained there. Of course then, they can be moved out of their capsule for a larger house…

I thought the idea was quite neat, and so I logged on to the official baby tree website,, where I was glad to find a lot more information on the baby trees. I especially liked how they were described: created for us to become more aware of nature’s beauty and fragility, hoping it would lead us to having more respect towards other living things, and to allow everyone to carry a little part of nature with them…

On the site, there’s a wide collection of plants to choose from, but from what I could identify, I think mine is MIMI, the cactus:

I’ll keep sharing MIMI’s growth progress on this blog, and if you’d like a baby tree as well, head over to your nearest BankMed branch and ask for your free baby tree too! :-)