Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fayhaa Choir On Arab’s Got Talent

Let me start this post off by reminding you of this, the amazing performance of Tripoli’s famous Fayhaa Choir (led by Maestro Barkev Taslakian) during their winning audition to Arab’s Got Talent about a month ago:

Rami, a colleague at work, and several other acquaintances are all part of the choir and tomorrow, they’re going to be performing for the semi-finals knockout stage. Only two out of eight performers are going to advance to the finals: one picked by the audiences’ voting, and one (from the audiences’ remaining top two favorites) picked by the judges (Najwa Karam, Ali Jaber, and Amr Adib).

I asked Rami how I could get tickets to watch them live, and he told me to call MBC Studio’s Office in Gefinor Hamra. I called them last week to reserve five tickets for this Friday, and I was told I could pick them up between Monday and Tuesday. But, their office being in Beirut and me in Tripoli, I asked my friend TJ (who was kind enough) to pick the tickets up for me and mail them over. And I just received them this morning, here they are:

So tomorrow, between 8:00PM & 10:00PM Beirut time tune in to MBC4 for Arab’s Got Talent and VOTE FOR FAYHAA CHOIR! :-)

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