Saturday, March 26, 2011

Fayhaa Choir Advance To The Finals On AGT!

Last night, I went to watch the Live shooting of Arab’s Got Talent! The event is held at the ex Ice-Skating Arena in Zouk and to tell the truth, the whole setup was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but it filled a lot more than I thought it could:

The ticket said that we had to be there an hour earlier, at 7:00PM, and so by the time we got there at 6:45PM there was a huge crowd at the entrance. And by the time they opened the doors and the audience rushed inside, we were lucky to find a couple of good seats at the top right, right beside the camera. Unfortunately, we didn't take into consideration the fact that sitting next to the camera would mean that we wouldn't show in the filming; though I could almost swear there were parts I could see my hands clapping at the far right end of the stage while I was re-watching the show!

The audience was on fire, and there was a huge support group with signs for Fayhaa Choir who we were lucky to end up sitting next to. The entire time I felt so excited, it was after all my first experience with live television shooting! There was a stage manager who would stand on the side and tell us when to stand up, cheer on, and keep cheering on! I have to admit by the time the show was over, my arms and hands were aching from all the clapping but it was worth it! My friends and I were also hoping to get a photo op with the awesome judges, or at least two of the awesome judges: Najwa Karam and Ali Jaber. But during the breaks we couldn’t go near them as security stood around their area, and right after we went off the air, they were led back inside before the audience could jump to them. That’s my luck with celebrities, LoL!

But on a much brighter note, Fayhaa Choir did us proud, they actually won second place and moved on to the finals, they're our local heroes now! I mean, how can you not love them after this breathtaking performance?:

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