Sunday, December 19, 2010

Shoot As You Walk: “Zero Waste”

Come rain or shine, I literally jump at each opportunity I get to go out and shoot… pictures! And this morning, We Love Tripoli gave me one, “Shoot As You Walk: Zero Waste”…

That’s right, this time there was a theme, Zero Waste. “Waste is a serious problem in Lebanon, and is becoming worse year after year. Wherever we go in Lebanon we see waste polluting our water, land, air, sea, rivers, mountains, forests, cities and villages. The waste problem is costing Lebanese people hundreds of millions of dollars every year. This money is coming right out of your pocket… Nevertheless, the situation does not have to be so. There is a solution that is starting to be implemented around the World. It is called “Zero Waste”. Zero Waste aims at recycling, composting and benefiting from the waste we produce… It is the most environmental and economical solution. It will create jobs, reduce imports, improve agriculture, support local industry, save lives, and protect the environment… That is why IndyACT and the rest of the “Zero Waste coalition” is calling on all the Lebanese politicians to support a ‘Zero Waste’ law in Lebanon, and to reject the incinerators that are planned to be brought to Lebanon… Incineration is the worst solution to the waste problem. Burning waste will not only produce super toxic fumes that will pollute our air, water and land, but is also the most expensive solution…”

After picking up Ymn and her sister, we drove over and parked near Nawfal Palace at 9:00 A.M. and, equipped with our cameras, we walked in the direction of the infamous Abu Ali River. You know, every time I think I’ve seen all there is to see in Tripoli, I stand corrected! Remember the last “Shoot As You Walk 17/10/2010” Zkak themed event we went on back in October? Well, there were two more zoukaks I learned about today, with the funniest of names: “Zoukak Catsaflis” and “Zoukak Tanbouza”!!!

During the walk, I took some shots of the tight alleyways in the souks:

Until we finally reached our destination! Look, isn't it the ickiest river you’ve ever seen?! (Though I have to admit, it seemed a lot cleaner than usual!) Still, there’s a couch in there for crying out loud!

Anyhow, we stood for Zero Waste on The National Day of Action for Zero Waste... Did you?


  1. Those are amazing shots Nour - it is too bad that the Lebanese don't care enough for their environment - the image they project is dieing. Lebanon isn't going to be land of the cedars for long is we don't have any......

  2. Thanks Yasmine, and you're absolutely right... I guess the best we can do for now is raise awareness and start with ourselves... :-)