Thursday, December 16, 2010

Live Christmas Festival

Yesterday was the opening ceremony of the “Live Christmas Festival”, which includes a Christmas exhibition, artistic events, children’s activities, and a display of international Christmas decorations (consisting of a Lebanese Tree, German Tree, British Tree, Venezuelan Tree, Polish Tree, and Italian Tree). And you’re all cordially invited:

Mum’s aunt is participating in the Christmas Handicrafts Exhibition, and she asked us to come support her. She has some cute wool brooches and scarves (I bought a red one), and I coincidently found a stand for my friend Nada’s Mum (Enjoy), a stand for my other friend Nada’s Mum (RosArt), and another stand for a local organization called Fista (First Step Together Association) for disabled children. There were also a bunch of people Mum knew (I sometimes feel that Tripoli really is small enough for everyone to know everyone!) and as support, we bought a few Christmas decorations which I decided to gift to Nan for her Tree:

The exhibition is being held till Saturday the 18th of December, so go support ‘em, for the Christmas Spirit! ;-)

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