Saturday, December 25, 2010

Home For Christmas '10

So lil brother was supposed to arrive to Beirut yesterday afternoon, but when the phone shrilly rang early this morning, we knew something had gone wrong. “Hello?” Mum answered worriedly, seeing it was an international phone call. “Hi, Mum,” lil brother said quite solemnly. “Dear, what’s wrong? You’re not supposed to arrive to Paris for another 3 hours.” “The plane got delayed Mum, actually, all Air France departures got delayed 3 hours… said they’re out of plane defrosters in Paris, which also means that I’m going to miss the connection from Paris to Beirut. And the woman at the Air France desk told me that there wouldn't be another flight till the 29th” “WHAT?! No, No, darling, go to Paris, and we’ll see what we can do from there, we’ll try to find you a connecting flight to Beirut”…

I’m not exactly sure what happened after that, but when I got home from work that afternoon, Mum said that everything had been sorted out. There were in fact THREE direct flights from Paris to Beirut the following day, and bro got on the first of them! So this morning, we went to pick him up from the airport…

* Side Note: Seriously Air France, WTF? The whole world hates you, or to be fair, 78% of the world hates you:

But I love the airport, more when I’m in the arrivals section than in the departures. Because there’s a little bit of magic there I like to call Airport Love... I can’t help but tear up at all the families, friends, and lovers being reunited… I got my brother back for Christmas, and though he’s only staying till the 3rd of January, his being home is the greatest gift I could ask for this year!


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  1. Hamdella on his safety :P
    it's funny how lil brothers are always lil brothers no matter how old they get!