Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Malaysia, Langkawi Day II:

I think the jetlag has finally kicked in. It took some time for me to fall asleep last night and as a result it also took some time for me to wake and get out of bed this morning. We made our way to breakfast (this time I had a waffle as the main course of the buffet) and then called the local tourist agency for the Island Hopping Tour. Unfortunately, we were told that we were too late in calling (it was 10:30 AM) and that we could either take a more expensive private tour or wait for the next day (when the group leaves at 10:00 AM). We opted for the latter option and decided to use this day for relaxation…

First we decided to check out Kua Town where the biggest shopping mall on the island, Langkawi Parade, is located. We found some good bargains there and bought some nice shirts, handbags and souvenirs. There was a particular stall there that caught my attention where flashing key chains were being sold. I got Dad a Mercedes key chain and asked how long it would flash for. The shop owner said it was solar powered and that as long as there was light, it would keep flashing. He then showed us a flashlight that lit time! That’s right, wherever you flashed the light on a surface, it would flash as the current time! Then he got out a pen which he called a spy pen because it secretly records videos. Then, the pen is disassembled into a normal pen and a USB drive which plays back the recordings in a decent quality…

After a couple of hours at the mall, we decided to head back to the hotel and I decided to take a dip in the pool. The water and the weather were both perfect, and add to that the breathtaking view of the beach behind it and that’s my little place in paradise:
Later on, Mum and I decided to try to indulge ourselves with the Westin Heavenly Spa. Neither of us were too keen on trying a full body massage so we both decided to get what was called a Signature Spa Pedicure which is, as described in the menu, “a heavenly pedicure created to transport you into a relaxed state of being. The marine and earth rich ingredients of beach sand, quartz crystal and sea salts followed by a marine-algae foot masque. A nourishing feet and leg massage is given followed by a perfect polish and natural buff of the nails. Helps to relieve dry, cracked heels”

You know “Heavenly” is a big promise. And I thought, just how “heavenly” can a spa be? Well, Westin delivers! The spa itself is located several minutes away from the hotel, in a quiet little area by the untouched beach. When we walked in, we were asked to sit in the waiting area with a little pool facing the ocean and wild monkeys (yes, a family of wild monkeys actually!) playing beneath the trees. I wish I had my camera to photograph them, but I’d left it in the room as I didn’t think I’d be needing it at a spa…

“Here you go, ma’am” said a soft voice interrupting my lost thoughts and making me turn back from the sea side. Mum and I were each given a porcelain cup of warm lemongrass tea, which was very soothing. We were then lead to a massage room where we spent a complete hour in bliss. I actually feel asleep during the session and woke up feeling refreshed, and with a pink pedicure! Honestly, if you ever have the chance for a spa visitation like that, especially one at the Westin, by all means go for it!

We barely made it in time for dinner after that, where I also had one of the most delicious dinner buffets ever! Soup, salad, seafood (including crabs, shrimps, oysters, and sushi), barbecued meat and chicken, and some of the best desserts I’ve ever tasted! A perfect end to a perfect day… :-)

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