Saturday, July 10, 2010

Walk In The Sun

As of last night, Jbeil has officially become my most favorite city (I’ve been to) in Lebanon. There have been people after people, family after family, friends after friends, all telling me how beautiful Jbeil is. And I seriously can’t believe its taken me 22 years to see it! The souks, the paths, the coast, the people, they’re all different than the ones (I already think are beautiful) in Tripoli. Even the sunset is more brilliant than any other I’ve seen:

That night, we had actually gone to see a local Lebanese Band called Mashrou3 Leila play at The Byblos Festival [Read The Daily Star's Article >> Here <<]. The Band, which was originally formed in AUB from AUB students, is composed of seven members: Hamed Sinno, Ibrahim Badr, Carl Gerges, Haig Papazian, Omaya Malaeb, Andre Chedid, and Firas Abou Fakher. I actually knew two of the members, Hamed and Andre, from college but I doubt either of them remember me. Their music is an interesting blend of Arabic and English pop/rock. [Download Mashrou3 Leila's Album >> Here <<] But to tell the truth, I’m not a fan of their music, though I went for the support and for Jbeil.

I also bumped into Shankaboot’s Suleiman and Chadi, it was a good night :-)


  1. I too like Jbeil! Especially when it comes alive at night! Next time you go, you should go to Locanda, the have excellent food!

  2. Thanks Danielle, I'll keep it in mind! :-)