Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Want The World To Know How Beautiful You Are…

When my brother came back from Canada about two weeks ago, I asked him to get me a book about learning digital photography. I did a little online research for books on the subject and I found the most basic one, suited especially for my camera: Digital Rebel xSi/450D for Dummies! Since then, I’ve been feeling a bit more confident in using the creative modes. I can now explain the difference between P, TV, AV, M, and A-DEP...

At the same time, El Mina (the city of waves and horizon) has recently become one of my favorite cities (side note: El Mina is not in Tripoli. Tripoli is a city, and El Mina is another city. And though they’re less than ten minutes apart, I like it like that, I like knowing that El Mina is a getaway for me). So, that's where I set out to catch the sun…

I’ve always thought that sunsets are special. It’s in the warm colors of the sun when it sets, reflected in the sea and in the sky, first yellow and orange, then purple and pink. Its in the silhouettes, the boats, and the people. It’s in the moment, and of course, it’s in the ones you get to share that moment with…

"It’s times like these we’ll never forget, stayin out to watch the sunset... I’m glad I shared this with you..."


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