Wednesday, April 21, 2010

#iPhone Heaven

When I landed in Beirut last Monday afternoon, my iPhone broke. Not completely, but the sound went. When I tried calling Mum, when she tried calling me, the line would open but no sound would come out, and I cussed Steve’s devise from Beirut all the way home to Tripoli. So the next day, I took the damned contraption to the shop to have it fixed…

“Uh,” said the cute boy who took my iPhone, “do you realize that you’re using an over one year old software on your phone?” “Yes,” I smiled politely at him, “but I’m not here for a software upgrade, I’m here for a hardware problem!” “Maybe if I upgrade the software, it might work” he insisted. So I agreed and came back an hour later. It was still being upgraded. So I waited, and waited, and waited some more…

And then, he gave me my iPhone back, to the latest software version and I almost cried when I realized I now had Bluetooth, a Sound and Video Recorder, and the ability to download any iTunes application free of charge… Seriously, I’m in iPhone Heaven!!!

P.S. The sound is back, it’s like I have a new iPhone! :-)

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