Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1 Shawarma Down, 1 To Go!

Well Carly, I did it! It was around 11pm and I had been sleep deprived from the previous three days but a promise is a promise, I went to Shawarma Reem (thanks to Sari)!

There were around 10 people standing outside, waiting for their sandwiches and just as I was about to say “it’s quite crowded,” Sari smiled at me and said “good thing it’s not that crowded”. I laughed out loud, but Sari was serious, “Nour,” he said, “this place is usually so full, you have to wait at the end of the street before your turn comes!” We ended up waiting for a good 20 minutes before our turn arrived. We ordered 10 shawarma sandwiches and went back to Sari’s house for dinner…

Carly, what’s in a shawarma? I can’t be too sure but the stuff I had was made out of magic! I still have Mr. Shawarma to visit though, can he top Reem’s? Lets find out this Friday! :-)

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