Saturday, January 31, 2015

Love & I / I've Seen A Lot Of Love...

I often wonder how much Love the human heart can hold. How is it divided inside? Is there one place for each Love, or do some Loves share rooms inside? And what happens when a chamber overflows, does Love take the place of another? Or is that Love evicted?

Love hits the heart first, & Love sets the beating pace.
After all, Love is fast, Love is a runner. And Love can leave you breathless. 

Sometimes I see Love walking, looking for a home in a heart. 
And Sometimes, Love finds one.

I’ve seen Love sleeping at night, its so beautiful when it’s dreaming. 
I’ve seen Love waking up and making breakfast, holding hands, and smiling.

But while Love is alive, you’ve got to take care of it. 
You can’t put it down and expect it to be waiting for you to come back and pick it up where you left it. Love doesn’t always wait.  

I’ve seen Love split between two or more, I’ve seen it being torn trying.
I’ve seen Love stolen, I’ve seen it crying. 
And I’ve seen Love putting itself back together. 

Of Love, I’ve heard it spoken but not shown, or shown but not spoken. 
That’s a ShY Love. 
Sometimes Love guards itself inside, and sometimes Love goes out freely.
Sometimes Love lies, and sometimes it begs. 
But sometimes, Love apologizes. Love tells the truth.
And sometimes with one word, Love comes back.  

Sometimes I see Love in people’s eyes, in their voices and their embraces.

I’ve seen Love forget, I’ve seen Love grow old, and tired...
Once, I’ve even seen love shot, right through the heart.
And in the end, I’ve seen Love die…

But that’s the beauty of the human heart, it’s where Love comes from. 
And in time, it forms a new Love all over again… -NK

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