Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Snow Patrol @ Byblos International Festival 2012

Ever since I read the lineup to the Byblos International Festival, and read that Snow Patrol were going to be performing, my jaw literally dropped! See, there are a lot of artists and bands that are good, and that I like, but ever since I first heard of Snow Patrol back in 2006, with their hit song “Chasing Cars” and their fourth album “Eyes Open”, I fell in deep love with them…

Of course I became addicted to them after that, with their fifth album “A Hundred Million Suns” and sixth album “Fallen Empires”. But I guess the year in which I’ve loved them the most was in 2008, when I got stuck on the not-so-popular song “Finish Line”, especially the lyrics in which they sing: “I think the finish line’s a good place we could start…”

So on June 6th, amid the chaos in Tripoli, I went out to buy the tickets for me, my brother, and two cousins. I got standing because I wanted to be closer to the band. And though I've made a mental note not to ever go standing again, it was absolutely worth it! They played all their famous hits and I sang along to every single song. I also felt really smug knowing all the lyrics, especially when some of the audience didn’t know how to sing along :-)

And oh, how I loved the lead singer, Gary Lightbody. He was just so full of energy, smiling and sincere. “God Bless Your Hearts,” he said to us, he really made me melt…

I took videos of the night as well, here's one of my favorite songs for them: New York:

"If you were here beside me, instead of in Byblos..." he sang ;-)

As you can tell, I’m still not over how absolutely incredible it was! Thank You Snow Patrol, Thank You Byblos… I love this city tonight, I love this city always, it bears its teeth like a light and spits me out after days… X


  1. Hey Nour! Great post, though not as much of a badass fan as you are, I truly thought the concert was incredible. Never screamed or jumped so much in my life! Gary is a sweetheart...
    I have to confess, I got sad towards the end coz I did not want that experience to end!

  2. Thanks Rana! Like you, I didn't want it to end either... I keep looking back and thinking just how incredible it was! I also wish I could have caught one of those signed SP drumsticks as a souvenir! :-)