Sunday, June 24, 2012

Evanescence Live in Beirut

When I think of Evanescence, I tend to think back to my high school days in 2003-2004 as that’s when I first came to know them. I was obsessed with their debut album, Fallen and till this day, I have over half their tracks memorized. They’ve released several albums since then, but none of them have meant to me as much as Fallen…

So when I found out they were coming to Lebanon, I was excited! All the radio and online buzz, all the music, all the feelings, all of it came flowing in. But I didn’t make the effort of actually going until the night before their concert, when Sura called me, asking if I still wanted to go. “Isn’t it sold out?” I asked. “Nope, there are still tickets,” she said. And the next morning we went to get tickets for that night:

It was packed! Their fan base in Lebanon was a lot bigger than I expected. Absolutely everyone was on fire, the band, the stage, and the fans! But there was a lot of pushing going on in the standing section and my feet were killing me towards the end. Yet looking back, it was absolutely worth it!

Of course my favorite Evanescence track is “Bring Me To Life”, and here I recorded them performing it LIVE:

My second favorite track is “My Immortal”, which I recorded in two parts here and here… Thank You MixFM for a great night with Evanescence! Thanks for stopping in Lebanon, and bringing us to life! :-) 


  1. lol. love the last four words. Though I didn't get the chance to be there, you actually managed to "somewhat" take me to the patio. great review. Thanks nour :)

  2. You've just reminded me of one my all time favorite songs, listening to "Bring me to Life" again gave me goosebumps!

  3. what would u say then if some1 got golden circle ticket 2nd row behind the fence, what do u think that felt like? ;)