Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shoot As You Walk 29

Today, I woke up to fireflies. Owl Cities’ “Fireflies”, which is one of the most soothing alarm tones to wake up to. As today, was “Shoot As You Walk 29”. Taha N had messaged me the path last night and like last time, it was to “Dahr El Megher”. But, unlike last time, we took a different route this time…

Ymn asked me if I knew why it was called “Dahr El Megher”. I obviously didn’t, and as she informed me, it was because of the cave shaped blocks that made up the area. “Megher” was supposedly the plural of the word “Mghara”, which means cave. Neat*, huh?

The inhabitants were quite friendly, as most didn't mind having their photos taken, though, I did encounter this one shaggy old man who yelled at me for pointing my camera in his direction. He scared the daylights out of me when he shouted, but I immediately apologized and told him that I didn't take his picture (though I actually did, but am too frightened to post it online! :-P)

Despite that one fellow though, I've always loved taking photos of people, especially of children. Here are three of my favorite shots of the day, via instagram:

You can view the rest here. It was a lovely morning indeed, and I’m looking forward to our 30th journey, which should be right around the corner! :-)

*Note-To-Self: Next trip there, I should try concentrating my photography on the cave concept!

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