Sunday, December 25, 2011

I'll Be There

So I was enjoying some of the gifts my brother got me for the holidays, one of which was Michael Jackson’s “Immortal” album. Wait, let me give you a little background info on that…

Over the summer when we were Canada, we booked seats for Cirque du Soleil’s “Totem”. It was a spectacular performance indeed and in October, well after we had traveled back home, they had a tributary show for “Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour”. And my brother decided to go. He said it was brilliant, and here’s a YouTube segment:

Now back to the commemoration album. I reached the eighteenth track “I’ll Be There”, which I hadn't listened to in a long time, and I remembered how it’s one of the best tracks off any MJ CD, even if its from his childhood days as The Jackson 5. The lyrics, the meaning, the emotion. The words need to be posted, and then listen to the song:

You and I must make a pact, we must bring salvation back. Where there is love, I’ll be there (I’ll be there…) I’ll reach out my hand to you, I’ll have faith in all you do, just call my name and I’ll be there (I’ll be there…) And oh – I’ll be there to comfort you, build my world of dreams around you, I’m so glad that I found you. I’ll be there with a love that’s strong, I’ll be your strength, I’ll keep holding on – (Yes I will, Yes I will). Let me fill your heart with joy and laughter. Togetherness, well that’s all I’m after. Whenever you need me, I’ll be there (I’ll be there…) I’ll be there to protect you, with an unselfish love I respect you. Just call my name and I’ll be there (I’ll be there…)

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