Sunday, September 25, 2011

The First Rains Of September…

Last week, Nada from work mentioned that the first official day of autumn was this week, on Friday September 23rd to be exact. And as if autumn had heard her speak its name, on Friday morning, the skies changed color and the leaves on the trees outside our window at work began to rustle. Not a lot of customers came in that day, and the streets were unusually empty. I guess the first rain was something most people preferred to experience from inside looking out. Despite the calm, I was immersed in a lot of office work and so I didn't get many chances to look outside that day, until it was time to go home at around 4:30pm. That night, the downpour began…

Till Saturday morning it rained, and, for the second day in a row, I didn't get to be outside while it was raining. I heard it rained a lot, and I heard there was a rainbow. But again, being inside, I didn't get to personally experience either. Until I noticed a picture Ymn had posted on Facebook:

“I felt like going down and walking in that field” she posted. And looking at her photo, I felt like I wanted to do the same thing too! And I still can’t believe I missed seeing a rainbow that big in Tripoli! God, I need to look up at the skies more often…

There’s something magical about the first rain. Especially for another work colleague of mine, who recounted to me a story of when she and her then boyfriend (now husband) first started going out. She was alone at home and her mother had asked her to take watch of the cooking pot she had on the stove. Her boyfriend called her and they spent well over an hour on the phone, and she forgot all about her mother’s cooking pot and ended up burning their lunch for that day. And so, every first rain of the season, her husband calls her at work and reminds her of the time she burnt lunch…

In other news, the price of gold in the market also fell with the rain (yes, I like to throw in financials :-P) Though I’ll admit, I’m not a big fan of the first rain, as it usually marks the end of summer and the end of beaching, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for brighter skies next weekend, where I’ll hopefully get one last chance to visit and say goodbye to the warm sea waters of summer… :-)


  1. There's nothing about this post that I don't like. And I believe there's something magical about the first rain, too :)

  2. Hi Nour. I'm interested in knowing how was your transition from Canada to Lebanon at 10 years old. Any regrets? Mirna

  3. Thanks meemeee! :-)

    Mira, it was actually quite good. I mean sure, I had a little culture shock at first, but I found it really easy fitting in at the time. No regrets, l7amdillah :-)