Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shoot As You Walk 18

Gosh, its been quite a while, or just a little over three months to be exact, since I've been on a Shoot As You Walk trip, and since I've got my new 70-250mm lens from Canada a couple of weeks ago, I've been dying to use it again since the vacation!

Now I’ll admit, the heat was unbearable but I had three surprises on my side: my brother and two relatives, Nadine and Khaled, who were going to be joining us for the first time. So, at 9:00AM we all met up and drove over to Nawfal Palace, for Shoot As You Walk 18!

“You've been EVERYWHERE in Tripoli,” my brother asked, “haven’t you shot everything there is to shoot?” “No,” I said, “each time there’s something different to photograph”. “How? They’re all the same buildings, they all stay in the same place!” he joked. And that’s when I realized…

My passion in photography is in people. I love nothing more than I love photographing people. They’re what change in every Shoot As You Walk trip, and they’re the main reason I go every time, because I know they’ll be there. And sometimes, like I did in Shoot As You Walk 14, I end up photographing people I’d coincidentally photographed before...

So today, as we walked the familiar path, I couldn't help but remember that little souk boy, who’d met us at that exact location, and look for him… Unfortunately I didn't find him, but what I did find were these beautiful people:

And who knows, maybe I'll photograph them all again at another point in time?


  1. hehe allah ya3tikon el 3afyeh ! i like ur photo :D

  2. "My passion in photography is in people" i like it ! by the way that's why im street photographer !
    thank's for sharing ur photo with us :)

  3. really, nothing beats candid people pics! ;-)