Thursday, June 23, 2011

And Then There Were Two…

This afternoon, when I got home from work, I quickly had lunch and flopped on the couch to watch a DVD, Spud (not a recommendation!). Halfway through the film, Mum walked across the room to go outside on the balcony, and suddenly I heard her shriek. I immediately paused the film and went out to see what was wrong. She was pointing at the turtles. One of the turtles, I couldn't recognize which, was sitting in the corner with little worms crawling all over it. I bent down to take a closer look as this horrendous smell began to fill my nostrils. And to my horror, I realized that its entire head was missing! The little worms had eaten it off and were still eating the remains of its inside, as it was as dead as could be…

I’m still disgusted at the sight and smell I saw, but I also can’t help but remember when they were three beautiful turtles:

And what’s sad is that at first, I couldn't recognize who was gone! I had three turtles: Franklin, Angie, and Maggie (and at one time I had four, with baby TJ: Turtle Junior, who left us too soon…) But from what I could make of the two left, I think it’s Angie, my first turtle, that has left us. Dad got her as a gift for me back in 2005. Six Years, RIP. I remember you when you were a wee turt (this is my fav pic of you):

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