Monday, June 20, 2011

The First Dance (Part 1/3)

I’m entitling this post with an (enter parentheses) because so far this summer, I’ve been invited to three weddings; one was last night, the wedding of my best friend’s sister, one is this Saturday, and the third is July 22nd. And from the three weddings, there is one moment that I go for: The First Dance…

I don’t really remember when or how I developed a fascination in first dances, but I guess it’s a mix of the slowness of the song, the closeness, the feeling; it’s a beautiful, beautiful moment. And what I love most in those dances, is finding out which song the couple chose to dance to…

Usually, the cliché would be to go for “I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You”. But it’s been so overplayed at weddings that I think both the couples and the audience want to listen to and watch something different. I remember the first different song I heard was at my uncle Moe’s wedding almost three summers ago, where he and his wife danced to Anastasia’s “Once Upon A December”. I've also heard some romantic Italian and Arabic music, but for me to connect to a song, or at least a first dance song, it’s got to be in English. And so, I was delighted to discover that Y&H had chosen a combination of Majida Roumi’s "Habibi", and Marc Terenzi’s “Love To Be Loved”:

As they were dancing, fireworks lit up around the dance floor, as smoke and sparks surrounded them, disappearing from our view, in their own private moment on the dance floor. Sigh… Congratulations, Y&H! All The Best! :-)

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