Friday, March 11, 2011

Who Keyed My Car?! :-|

As I was getting in my car to drive back home from work yesterday afternoon, I noticed that a thin white line had been scraped along both doors of the driver’s seat. It was raining and I thought it was just a simple scrape that could get washed off. But after the rain had subsided and I got out to take a closer look, I realized that it had actually been keyed. And when I turned to check on the opposite side of the car, my heart sank as I noticed an ever thicker line had been scraped across the passenger side as well :’-(

I don’t get it, why? Why do people do that? I mean I can understand keying me if I had been parked like an asshole or if I had done anything to upset anyone but I’m pretty sure that I've been on good car conduct. So why the hurt? I tell you, I was in tears…

I've had my car for about five months now, and not a dent, not a scratch, nothing. But on 10/03/2011, my car got keyed. I told some colleagues at work and they made me feel a bit better by telling me similar stories that had happened to their cars. But to all the keyers of the world, !@#$ YOU! :-|

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