Monday, March 28, 2011

Never Say Never 3D

I honestly have no recollection of how I first heard of the kid sensation Justin Bieber. All I remember was hearing a couple of his songs, watching a couple of his videos on YouTube about a year and a half ago, and loving them. The kid is adorable; he reminded me of a young Aaron Carter who I used to be in love with as a teen. Only difference is that JB sounds better, and is Canadian, like me! :-)

He’s not that well known here in Lebanon, well at least not among those of us above sixteen, let alone twenty-three :-P But he’s such a cute kid, with such good songs of which my top three are: Never Say Never, Down To Earth, and Baby

So, when his movie Never Say Never 3D was released in early February in the States, I couldn't wait to watch it! Unfortunately, it took well over a month to bring the movie to Lebanon. It just came out last Thursday and today, I went to watch it. I was literally the only person in the theater, with over sized 3D glasses, but it was cool to have the entire theater and 3D experience to myself. They did a pretty good job with the 3D effects; I could almost see him jumping out of the screen and the music just made me want to just get up and dance with him! And all that online hype for the movie from Twitter, it all lives up to its expectations. It was emotional, just the massiveness of his success, so inspiring!

I don’t care how much ridicule I’m going to get out of posting this, I’m a Belieber! ;-)

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  1. I think the last sentence is aimed at us @dan87 :)