Sunday, February 6, 2011


So last night was the final episode of the Turkish hit TV-Series, Ask-I Memnu (L3ishk Lmamnou3/ Forbidden Love). I cant believe I got hooked on it! I NEVER watch Arabic television series (or movies) but ever since I caught my family watching it almost every night, I started watching it too! *Spoiler*

It tells the story of Samar (played by the beautiful Beren Saat), a young woman whose mother had an affair which led to the death of her father. As an attempt to get back at her, Samar marries Adnan, a much older rich man that her mother had her eye on…. Adnan is a widower, with two young children, Nihal & Mourad. There is also a boy named Mouhanad (played by the beautiful Kivanc Tatlitug) whose parents died when he was a child, and since then, Adnan took him in as his own, and he lives with the family… Mouhanad has a reputation with the ladies, and when Samar moves in to the family, she hates Mouhanad, especially since her sister was one of the women he used to date, and he broke her heart… Eventually, sparks (the good kind) began to fly between Samar and Mouhanad, and they started having affairs, unbeknownst to anyone. They kept cheating and cheating, fighting, making up, loving, and cheating… Several of the servants at the house began to notice, and eventually, Samar’s mother noticed as well. So, to put an end to it, she told Nihal that Mouhanad was in love with her. Nihal was ecstatic because ever since she could remember, she was in love with Mouhanad too. Mouhanad eventually had no choice but to propose to her and it all continued downhill from there… Samar tried to get Mouhanad to leave Nihal, so she could leave Adnan too and they could run away together, but Mouhanad was never man enough… And ever sine the engagement and up to the day of Nihal and Mouhanad’s wedding, Samar was falling apart. The last episode, Adnan and everyone else finally find out the truth, and as he runs to catch Samar and Mouhanad standing together in his room, both of them crying and with Samar a gun in her hand, she kills herself infront of them both… All because of this ASK-I MEMNU… (L)


  1. its amazin film i love very mach thank you for evry thing

  2. that really sucked that mohannad doesn't really love nihal :( wonder what happens to her now :'(

  3. I just like behlul he is such a sweetheart...............