Saturday, November 13, 2010

In The Airplane Over The Sea

There is a moment felt only in airplanes that I greatly dislike. I first felt it last April when I travelled to Jordan for Easter Break. It’s the moment the plane takes off and from your window, you see all the people and places growing smaller and smaller, until they can no longer be seen. Its not that I have a fear of flying, because I don’t. It’s just that when I fly above Tripoli, my heart sinks at all the people I love that I’m leaving behind…

Thankfully, that feeling doesn’t stay for long as I know that I will return. I still can’t bring myself to permanently, or at least on a long term basis, leave this place. I’m too attached here, to both people and places. I think it’s the goodbyes that I dislike. Yesterday and before yesterday I said goodbye to my favorite people…

One of my dream destinations has always been Malaysia, and I am extremely blessed to have this chance to go there, especially with one of my most favorite people in the world: Mum. I only wish Dad and my brother could have made it. And while I’m at it, all the rest of my family and friends as well. Which brings me back to where I started: leaving people behind…

But I guess I need this break from life. I need to be in a place away from the routine my life has turned into. And what better than a tropical dream? Ah yes I’m looking forward to spending the next 10 days in what I hope will be paradise! Till then, Happy Eid and blessings! :-)


  1. Wow...MALAYSIA? I envy you! That sounds amazing..just yesterday I was looking up trips to Bali, Indonesia..I want to go somewhere in that region. I have already done Thailand and China, and I'm craving more more more! I will be checking your blog religiously so that I can get a sense of what it's like. BTW, perhaps you could help me with something, my family is coming to Lebanon for Christmas Holidays and I will be spending an entire day in Tripoli, a city I've never been to. I need to hire a local guide to show us around..could you help me find one? Or suggest some must see things on my blog? That would help me a lot, and have fun with your Mom in Malaysia! :D

  2. Thanks Danielle! Malaysia has truly been amazing so far, especially the islands of Langkawi which give you that exact tropical feeling you’re looking for. Kuala Lumpur is also neat but it’s more of a city with high rise buildings and it gives you a very rush-rush feeling. It’s also my first time in the Far East but I’d love to go to other countries in the region. I loved it a lot more that Europe, its special over here! (wait for pictures as soon as I get back! :-)
    And Yes, Christmas has always been one of my most favorite times of year! And I’m really glad you’re picking Tripoli as one of your destinations! :-) I’d love to show you around if it doesn’t fall on a workday. But don’t worry I also have a bunch of friends from the “We Love Tripoli” Group who can also show you all around the city and give you a historical background about each place . When you find out the exact day you’ll be here let me know and I’ll be more than happy to arrange a fun filled day for you and your family! :-)