Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shoot As You Walk "Ramadaniyat 3" Pictures:

Every time I think I’ve seen the best of what Tripoli @ Night has to offer, I stand corrected. Especially now as we near the end of Ramadan, and as we near the beginning of Eid, it seems like the whole city (and even its outskirts) flocks to the streets to stroll or to buy "tieb el 3id" (P.S. I bought fis6an el 3id two nights ago :-P). And when they all do it at the same time, it can get as crowded as ever! And it's at that time, when everyone is out and about, that's when I've realized is the best time to capture the heart of the city...

So on our third "Shoot As You Walk 04/09/2010" Event last night, I got pretty lucky with all the (new) sights (since it's a new path) the city had to offer. But my favorite part must have been on El Mina Street, where all of a sudden, the drummer boys (Al Wada3) came to play their drums, giving us all that festive feeling of the holy month...

Here are my best shots of the night (click to enlarge):

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