Thursday, September 2, 2010


Over the past couple of days, I’ve been doing a little Ramadan experiment I like to call “Iftar-ing”. During this month, we usually have Iftar at my grandmother’s almost every evening…

“Nour, what should I make for Iftar today?” I get asked by my grandmother, and even some colleague mothers from work. So, I made a list. I made a list of all the different foods I could think of but I still couldn’t come up with 30 (one for each day of the month). So now that we’re in the last fasting days of the month, and now that we’ve made and eaten all the foods there are, is it time to repeat them?

That’s when I got the idea of taking pictures (with my iPhone) of what we have for Iftar everyday! I know I’m late in the idea, but here are 5 of gran’s scrumptious Iftars:

*I’ll do this again from day 1 next year Inshallah: -)


  1. FATTEH!!!
    HUMMOS, Wara2 3enab and fattoush!


    L7amdillah.......3anjad Ramadan is a blessing

    How many things were u able to write on your list?
    ITS TJ

  2. What a great idea Nour. I will post a link to this right now on Beirut Spring!

  3. Dude your grandma's cooking looks awesome

  4. Thanks!!! :-) TJ, about 23, can you top that? :-P

  5. Whaaaat this is amazing! The food looks scrummdidliupcious!

  6. Lovely idea.