Monday, September 6, 2010

Moving On...

Sometimes, I still feel like we’re back in April, looking forward to the summer of 2010. I was so excited last April, thinking this is going to be a great summer! My brother’s coming home, as are my auntie and cousins from Egypt, I’m getting my first paid vacation which I’d been looking forward to since last year, I had a lot of plans with my family, and my friends, and I couldn’t wait…

Then all of a sudden, I find myself five months later in September. My brother came home and left last night, my auntie and cousins from Egypt came home and left last month, I took my first paid summer vacation and then I went back to work, Ramadan came and is leaving in a couple of days, it all just went by so fast!

But it was good. And it was real. How do I know that it was real? It’s all because of the beautiful pictures that I took, to remind me of the beautiful moments I spent with the people I love…

I watched a bunch of great movies at the theater this summer, with my top 3 being “Toy Story 3”, “Salt”, and “Inception” (in descending order). And of course I watched a bunch of bootleg DVDs and Television Series… I went to Jbeil three times, once with family and twice with friends. It was the first time I visit the city of Jbeil ever, and I instantly fell in love with it. In Jbeil, I also got to see “Mashrou3 Leila” Live in concert at the Byblos Festival… There was the “Fifa World Cup” this summer, and once again, Germany disappointed, hehe… We went to Ehden, and we went on a weekend trip to Zahle & Chouf, which was one of the best family times I spent together with my mum, brother, aunts, and cousins… My friends from abroad, Zak, Rawaa, Danny, and Carla all came to Lebanon (from Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar respectively) and it was great meeting up… I finally spent some quality time at the beach this summer, and got a nice tan too… All The “Shoot As You Walk” Events have been brilliant opportunities for me to test out my new “advanced” digital photography skills… And of course there were all the countless cafes we sat at…

L7amdillah. The weather's getting cooler and I’m ready for the fall… :-)


  1. Great post Nouri... Keep it real! :)

  2. Although Ramadan is just a month, but it feels like sarli shi 1000 seneh since I last saw you. I miss u sevetta..

  3. This post gives out plenty of mixed emotions . Beginning with the excitement of the Summer to its end, it feels like there were ups and downs. Also, you remembering the good times this Summer really gave me some weird vibes...even the title left an impression
    By the way, you reminded me of so much....time passes by way too fast