Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Toastmasters National Table Topics Competition

We had our 2nd Annual Toastmasters National Table Topics Competition last Saturday, which was held in Auditorium A, in AUB…

The Top 3 Winners from the previously held Local Table Topics Competition were competing against each other (3 Winners From 3 Toastmasters Clubs in Lebanon: Speakers & Leaders, LoudSpeakers, and ProToast)

Hiba and Mohammad were both Table Topics Masters, and both prepared great questions. Even today, three days after the event, Mohammad’s question is still stuck in my head:

“To realize the greatness in oneself is the first step to achieve success. Knowing your strongest assets, identifying your flaws and working to improve them are crucial in reaching your full potential. What makes You a Great person?”

How would I have answered a question like that?

I’ll post a follow up as soon as I can think of a good answer…


  1. Toastmasters is a great institution to be a part of..I meant to join when I lived in Miami, is membership limited to AUB students? You will surely be groomed into a memorable speaker..good going!

  2. Hi Danielle, thanks for your comments!
    No, Toastmasters in Beirut isn't only limited to AUB Students. We have 2 clubs that meet in AUB, Speakers and Leaders (for university students) and Pro Toast (for working individuals) and of course there's LoudSpeakers (for everyone, based in Tripoli where I am). If you'd like to attend as a guest you're always more than welcome. Check out each club's meeting times: