Friday, April 23, 2010

2 Shawarmas Down!

I finally met Carly in real life this afternoon! It’s not the first time I meet a virtual person in real life, but it was a nice experience. She’s Australian, and (I didn’t tell her this but) I love Australian accents, and I find it hard to resist not talking to Australians/Brits in their accent. But, I kept my “generic” English accent (maybe I’ll show her my improvisations next time:-P)

Unfortunately though, I had some bad news for Carly’s Mr. Shawarma Man. See though he made quite a scrumptious shawarma sandwich, I couldn’t say it was as scrumptious as the one I’d had back at Reem’s in Amman…

We took a picture of us eating her favorite shawarma and she also posted an entry about our meeting on her blog (it’s a rather good thing that she decided to take the picture BEFORE I gave the verdict ;-)

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