Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ugly Naked Guy

We all remember Friends Monica and Rachel’s neighbor they once dubbed “Ugly Naked Guy”. And I remember every episode that ever mentioned him used to crack me up. But never did I expect that I’d actually get to have such a neighbor!

No, no, I don’t actually have an “Ugly Naked Guy” of a neighbor, but at work this morning (don’t let your mind wonder off just yet), as I was intently focused on responding to all the incoming mail, J stepped out of her office and stood in front of me with her mouth open. I raised an eyebrow. “Nour!” she exclaimed, “There’s an Ugly Naked Guy outside!” Excuse Me?! I tried to wipe the smirk off my face and turned around to look outside my window when to my surprise, I actually saw him, literally, a stark naked man on the street!

S from downstairs had apparently seen him too and he came running up asking if we had noticed the naked man outside. And before I knew it, the entire office was standing at the window, looking at the naked man outside! On the street, a crowd started forming around him, with some people taking out their camera phones. Some passersby stopped and stared and while some hurried on, covering their faces as they walked past him…

I’m sure he was mentally insane, as he started screaming at the crowd, shooing them away, and then he walked into a glass phone booth, grabbed the telephone, and started screaming into it. By that time, The Red Cross and Internal Security Forces had arrived on the scene, but every time one of them tried to open the glass door of the telephone booth, he started screaming in an even louder voice and hitting himself. In the end, they had no choice but to electroshock him with a tazer and cover his privates with a blanket, as he was dragged into a police car and driven off…

And before I knew it, everybody at the office was back to work, the crowd had disappeared, and I turned back to the emails. A little while later though, I looked outside the window to see a man had walked into that same phone booth, was leaning against the glass the Ugly Naked Guy had previously pressed his behind to, and was talking on that same phone. Ew! :-P


  1. hahaha what a lovely way to start your morning !!! :) This is one of the reasons i prefer Jemmayzet branch ...nudity free :p

  2. Wow! What a crazy morning! Is your office on a main road? Poor guy, I hope the RC hooked him up with some psychological support.

  3. hehe crazy morning indeed! :-P yeah, it's on a main road so it was quite public! i heard he even got featured on the news later on that day; hope he's doing alright though, poor fellow...