Thursday, March 25, 2010


By now, well at least those of you in Tripoli, must have heard about the Tripoli International Half Marathon! It’s scheduled to take place on Sunday April 25th, 2010…

There are going to be 6 races:

* Wheelchair 21.0975K (Free) 7:50AM
* 21.075K (17 years and above) (10,000 LBP/ $30 for Foreigners) 8:00AM
* Wheelchair 5K (Free) 8:15AM
* Elite 5K (17 years and above) (5,000 LBP) 8:30AM
* Fun 5K (5,000 LBP/ $15 for Foreigners) 9:00AM
* 2K (12 years and under) (3,000 LBP/ $15 for Foreigners) 9:30AM

Check out the map below (click on image to enlarge):

Sounds like fun? Register now (before April 20th, 2010):

P.S. Try not to make fun of *Total Amount Paint* at the bottom of the form:-P

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