Saturday, January 23, 2010

Window on the World

I remember the first time I heard about digital photo frames. I was flipping through a now shutdown magazine called “Business 2.0”. One of my Marketing professors had advised it back in 2006 and the 19-year-old me thought that it would be a good upgrade from “Cosmo Girl” :-P.

I got “The Next Disruptors” October ‘06 issue. And as I was flipping through the “What’s Cool” Section, I came across a snippet entitled “Window on the World”. It featured a Philips Digital Photo Display for $200 at the time and I remember thinking that it was the neatest thing!

A couple of weeks ago, Finance was in my favor and I decided to spend rather than save January’s income. There are two goodies I’ve been wanting to get a hold of for quite a while now, and they’re #1- A DSLR Camera (read next post) and #2- A Digital Photo Frame.

I’ve been a SONY fan since forever. Our TV, laptops, cameras, SONY! And so I decided to get that brand for a frame. Today, I got the DPF-E72N digital photo frame with a 7-inch wide LCD panel that comes with a range of view modes, and even includes three interchangeable bezels (black, brown, and red). It’s brilliant!

I spent about an hour going through thousands of pictures I have saved on my external hard drive and copied my favorite pictures of family and friends into a folder that fits 2GB worth of pictures. I then transferred them to my memory card which I subsequently inserted into a slot on the back of the frame and bada bing, I now have a work of art with all of my favorite people in it! :-)

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