Monday, May 14, 2012

Side Of A Bullet

It’s been since Saturday night that my morale has been down. Sunday it got worse, especially as I flipped through the television news channels and online feeds. Add to that the clear sounds of gunshots in the distance that had woken me up since dawn…

I was sitting with my Dad in the living room when we both heard the sound of something breaking in the kitchen. I thought Mum had dropped one of the dishes or something and so we both got up to check if everything was alright. “That was a gunshot!” she exclaimed, pointing at the balcony. We looked outside and to our surprise, we saw this:

What’s surprising is that our house isn’t close to where the clashes are taking place. Sure we can hear them when they erupt, but it’s a good ten minute drive from here to there! It wasn’t until this morning that I woke up to re-inspect the damage that I found this stray bullet on the floor:

It’s got a really sharp edge, and had it actually been directed at our window, or at a person, it would have splattered either! THANK GOD no one got hurt, and my thoughts and prayers go out to our beloved city, TRIPOLI… MAY GOD PROTECT YOU… 


  1. Il hamdella 3al saleme, same thing happened in my house on May 7th (2008) . I know exactly what it feels like.

  2. thanks God you are okey and your family, may God protects u all !

  3. Such a pity that this is going on in Tripoli. Believe it or not, it was the city I liked the most when I visited. Well, my favorite outside Beirut, that is. I walked there for more than 6 hours and I enjoyed every minute of it. My only regret was that I didn't know anyone there. It was only me and my friend walking around like the tourists that we are.

    Yalla I am sure it will pass. Stay safe :)

  4. l hamdellah 3al salemeh... Allah ye7mi Trablos w ahla.