Monday, March 19, 2012

Villager’s Opera

Last month, my parents went to watch Villager’s Opera at Caracalla Dance Theater. I wasn't too interested in joining them at the time, but when a group of colleagues from work asked if I wanted to join them, I thought I’d give it a visit…

So yesterday, we went to the matinee show and I must say, it was quite a performance! What I loved most about it was the visual effects, both during the show and intermission. Yet I found it to be a little too cliche of a story. It’s the typical girl loves boy from the village, but mother wants girl to marry boy from a more upper class. And of course, her true love triumphs…

Maybe it’s the love part that got to me. A younger me, or an in love me would have definitely fallen for the fairy tale ending. But in this age, would the boy from the village have come back and fought for her? Would the mother have given in and let her marry the village boy?

Ah well, I guess that’s not the point. Just sit back and enjoy the dance
(still running till April 1st, 2012)

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