Friday, January 13, 2012

"Uncommon Pictures" Photo Exhibition

Well, it’s officially over. The “Uncommon Pictures” photo exhibition I had at Nawfal Palace with a fellow amateur photographer, Noor Fattal. It was a pretty hectic, yet rewarding week. I got to develop twenty of my photos for the first time, in three different sizes: 2 A4s, 16 A3s, and 2 50*70. Here are two of my prized photos of the exhibition:

I first want to thank Mr. Elias Khlat and Khaled Merheb for giving me the opportunity to showcase my work. I then want to thank Taha Baba and Omar Bakkour for taking the time to help me hang up the pictures last week. The boards aren't very practical for displaying your work and so Taha came up with a creative way to display the pics. And a big thanks goes out to everybody from my family, friends, colleagues, and other visitors who came and showed their support and encouragement. It really means a lot to me when someone says that they admire my work. Thank You! :-)


  1. Wow!!! Impressive!!! I love the boys in the shade! I love the way you are growing!!!! Your pictures are getting better every time. Any chance this exhibition is going to make its way to Beirut?

  2. Thanks so much Sietske! :-) I really wish it would make it's way to Beirut (inshallah someday!) but for now it's just in Tripoli... if you're interested in seeing more pics though I have a couple of albums on Facebook, let me add you :-)