Friday, September 2, 2011

The First and Last Dance of The Summer

Last night, it was the wedding of Maya and Amro. Or, MayAmro if you join their names together. And when two names can be joined together like that, you know it’s a perfect match! ;-) It was unexpected, a couple of weeks ago, Maya (who I hadn't seen or spoken to in quite a while) came over to personally hand me her wedding invitation. I was delighted, and as I greeted her, I had a flashback to the time we first met…

Maya, we've shared a lot of great moments together, both in and out of Toastmasters. You were like a big sister to me during those years, and I’m thankful for all the wonderful times we've spent. But as I look back I guess I finally see that there was a little part missing in you, a part that not anybody could fill… until you met Amro. He touched that special place in your heart, and I see how much happiness you both bring to each other’s lives… :-)

And so, from all the weddings I've been to this summer, from my friend’s sister’s wedding, to another friend’s wedding, to a colleague’s wedding, this was the wedding that meant most to me. And as many of you know, there is one moment that I look forward to in every wedding: The First Dance. The moment the bride and groom are on the dance floor, with everyone looking at them but them looking only at each other, taking in the music, the feelings, the beautiful moment:

It was a beautiful night, surrounded by beautiful people, beautiful family and beautiful friends, sharing beautiful moments. Smiles in hearts and smiles on faces, I could feel all the love in that room, and love, is really all you need…

With that, dearest Maya and Amro, I wish you the best. I wish the two of you a lifetime of love and happiness together, one that can only keep growing… CONGRATULATIONS!!! xoxo

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