Monday, September 12, 2011


It was May 9th, 2010 when COMEDY NIGHT (SEASON 4) last came to the North, which was a little over a year ago. And last night, thanks to Saly Aswad, COMEDY NIGHT (SEASON 5) came to the North (to Las Salinas) again! Like last year, the arena was jam-packed with people, and it was hilarious as ever!

We had Mario Bassil and Junaid Zein-El-Dine, along with three newcomers Tony Abou Jaoude, Tatiana Mereeb, and Hisham Haddad (LOL). And even though I especially missed Fadi Raidy and Michel Abou-Sleiman from last year, those three newcomers lit up the stage with laughs! :-P

Kudos to the gang, and to Saly Aswad for bringing them back! Looking forward to season 6 next year! :-D

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