Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shoot As You Walk (Ramadaniat 1)

Is it just me, or do most of you who are fasting this Ramadan feel absolutely drained after Iftar? The only thing I can think of is flopping myself on the couch and tuning in to the Ramadan series they've got on TV, or snoozing. True that many of you stay up during most of the night and sleep during most of the day, but I don’t have that option as I've got to be at work by 8:00AM each day…

But magically last Friday night, I felt quite energetic, I felt refreshed and recharged, and I guess that had to do with We Love Tripoli’s Shoot As You Walk’s first “Ramadaniyat” series of the year! Yup, we’re back in action! This time, the path was in El Mina, and here’s our group shot (taken by Karim Zock) that kicked off our evening:

We met up at 10:00PM in front of the El Mina Municipality Building (the one in the picture above), and we got quite a good turn up (as you can see! :-). The only thing I was fretting was how my photos were going to turn out, because night photography never turns out right with me, I usually end up with disappointing blurry or dark pictures. So as we were gathered, I asked Karim which mode to use on my camera. For some reason I've been preferring the TV mode, but he advised the AV mode, with a low F-Stop and a high ISO. I've still got some more photo mode researching to do, but I thank him for the good shots I ended up taking because of his advice:

I’m quite satisfied with the above pictures I took, especially because I've been able to capture an essence of Ramadan in them, and also, I see a real improvement in my photography over the year. True, I've still got a lot of practice to do, but comparing and contrasting between this year’s and last year’s shots, I can only say "GO NOUR"! haha, looking forward to our next Ramadaniyat adventure! :-)


  1. "GO NOUR" :P see u next event :D

  2. the photos are very nice, i give you my support and u must keep on, i believe in what you have, in brief you are so creative :) :)

  3. I'm going to be in Lebanon on August 25th- I'm hoping to be able to take part in a shoot as you walk.

  4. I mostly loved your first shot the one with the kids in front of the shop with Ramadan lamps showing. Bravo Nour, ur photography has definitely imrpoved and the best is yet to come inshalla :)

  5. Cool stuff Nour - I'd like to see your take on Ras Beirut with selected snapshots

  6. Love the photos habibtee ! Greetings from AMerikia :) Ramadan Bliss