Sunday, June 26, 2011

The First Dance (Part 2/3)

hehehe, I’m starting this post off laughing because I did the unimaginable! Ok, so as I’d previously mentioned, today was wedding two out of three for the summer. It was the wedding for one of our colleagues at work and so I went with two of my work friends. We arrived, walked in through the main entrance and were politely welcomed in. I have to admit I was a little shocked when I first stepped in the room. It was… chaotic shall we say…

I quietly whispered to my friend, “is this what you were expecting?” because frankly, I was still not believing my eyes. All the tables and chairs were plastic, little children were running around, women and men in jeans, hubble bubbles, loud country music. “We’re from the bank,” my other friend told the hostess and she said “welcome, welcome!” and led us to an empty table. And I sat there, feeling so out of place. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging but it was a first “country wedding” experience for me…

About half an hour later, while sitting there, eating nuts and trying to make myself comfortable, my friend asked, “Where are all our friends from the bank? We can’t possibly be the only ones here” … OMG! What if we’re in the wrong wedding?! And believe it or not, we were!!!

We quietly slipped out and asked one of the guests outside, who’s wedding was this? And sure enough, he gave us two names we’d never heard of. “But there’s another wedding over there in that ballroom”, he said, pointing outside. And we ran!

When I stepped in that other room, everything fell into place, a real wedding, or at least a wedding I was expecting! People were dressed up, great tables, chairs, and decorations, and though we were late, our seats were saved and as we told our story, everyone laughed at us. It was after all, pretty hilarious!

Thankfully, we had made it just in time for the first dance, an Arabic song for Carole Samaha, and here’s my snapshot of their first dance:

Congratulations M&M! Best Wishes for a beautiful couple! :-)

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  1. hahahah da77aktini heheheh mni7 ennou 5atarlkon tes2alou :D