Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Tripoli International Half Marathon

I just got back from The Tripoli International Half Marathon, EXHAUSTED! It was pretty good, I’ll let these pictures my friend Taha Baba took do the talking:

What I loved most about the marathon was the entertainment! There were a bunch of bands and artists playing and singing, I only managed to catch three of them, the best of which was this new Lebanese artist Belime, who sang his hit song (which you all might have heard on local radio stations) “This Is Reality

Also, as we were nearing the finish line, we noticed a sleek white Mercedes with a girl in pink and a crowd of people around it. From afar we couldn't recognize who it was. Then, we saw her on stage; it was the infamous Sabine (“b3atli e-mail”).

But this is hilarious (I wasn't there when it happened but Taha told me), while she was singing (or lip syncing as most of them were) she asked a guy from the crowd to get up and dance with her. I think it was a slower song as they did a little dance-de-salon and she put her head on his shoulder as he turned tomato red! After realizing this is reality (no pun intended ;-) he kissed her! She was little startled at first, then she began giggling. Several people from the crowd got excited and tried to get on stage and that’s when security came and took him off the stage as Sabine wrapped up her act. I wish I could have seen all that! I mean no offence, but this is Tripoli, look at some of the people we've got:

After that, Super Star’s Brigitte Yaghi was up and then we went home, exhausted! Yalla, looking forward to next year’s marathon! :-)


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