Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shoot As You Walk 14

As exhausted as I've been all week, and as much as I’d have loved nothing more than to sleep till noon today, I forced myself to get out of bed at 8:00 AM, have breakfast, get dressed, and head off to Shoot As You Walk 14

As usual, we all met up at Nawfal Palace at 9:00 AM, but this time the path was different, this time the path was around the Citadel of Raymond de Saint Gilles:

But on the way there, something incredible happened! This little souk boy found us and tagged along, and he looked so familiar. Then it hit me, I had photographed this kid before, a little over six months ago, during one of our walks! (Look how he’s grown! :-)

In October 2010:
In April 2011:
He looks like a little troublemaker, and he kind of is, look at some of the stunts he pulled off! His name is Omar and he said that he’s 14 years old though I doubt it, I give him 12 tops, what do you think?

Overall it was one of the best walks yet! I’m really glad I forced myself to get out of bed this morning, and though still tired, I’m looking forward to the week ahead! :-)

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